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8 Ways to Post Engaging Facebook Updates

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Having a Facebook page and lots of “Likes” is one thing, but what good is it if nobody sees your content?
Being visible in somebody’s newsfeed is tricky, so it really helps to share posts that will grab somebody’s attention and make them want to contribute something. This has two benefits: they will feel invovled in your page, and their friends might see their activity, furthering your reach.
What are some simple things to think about when updating your page’s status?
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1. Keep it brief

While you have more characters at your disposal than on Twitter, this doesn’t mean that you should write very long updates. People skim read the newsfeed, so choose your words carefully.

2. Vary your posts

Images are a fantastic way to get people’s attention, and Facebook is ideal for sharing photos – but don’t stop there! Videos are another engaging post type.
What about text? You can really mix this up, it doesn’t always have to be news – try asking open questions, or posting inspiring quotes.
Something that doesn’t work so well are links to other sites – I wouldn’t tell you to never use them, but don’t be surprised if they don’t get that many clicks.

3. Encourage interaction

You sometimes need to guide people to interacting with you. Personally, if a status updates outright tells me to “LIKE OR SHARE” a post, it seems cheesy – but there are other ways you can get people to interact. Open ended questions are great, because people are actually interacting with you beyond just clicking a button. A really simple way to do this is to ask yor fans to fill in the blanks, so for example:
“On a sunny day I really wish I was ________”
It’s extremely easy for someone to make a quick response to a status like that, and you can always follow up on the really interesting replies you get – that’s genuine engagement right there!

4. Use Questions and Polls

Try to get Feedbacks from your Fans. You can use the Questions app by Facebook which is a built-in plugin. Find out more about your customers or what they want, so it is better to keep the questions short so that they do not get confused about the question or the answer.

5. Hold Attractive Contests

Get your admirers aflame with an added contest promising a Giveaway which can make it really exciting. But a acceptable challenge is an accomplished way to get some fizz about your brand, add amount to affection your page and ability a beyond audience. Make sure you follow Facebook rules about holding contests on your page.

6. Be a Consistent Poster

Be a Avid poster. Consistency is the key. Its not that you keep posting continuously for some period of time and be inactive for the next couple of weeks which would make your users forget about your page. Content plan is also required.

8. Thank your Fan

Your main aim would be to increase your fan count and you can do exactly that by appreciating them. Thanking your fans for liking your page wouldn’t be a bad idea. All you need to do is to show interest towards your fans and you should find out ways to recognize your the fans whom you think is most loyal. You can even Spread out a message when you reach a certain Fan milestone.

So, Just try following the above mentioned tips to get a good start on your page and hopefully everything else will take care of itself and turn out to be good. Also let us know if you have got any other creative methods to bring in a group of fans interested towards your page!


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